Friday, May 15, 2015

Education Reform

Modern Day Equivalent: Education Reform

Today there are people still trying to improve the education system to help give more kids an education.  Here are three organizations that are working hard for a improved educational system:

Education Reform Now:

This organization is working for new methods of teaching to students so they can get the best education and reorienting the education policy as a content, unlike right now where we give education based on the tight time and age for the students.

Students First:

This is a non-profit organization that have one goal: to ensure that every child in the nation gets a chance to get into great schools with great teachers.  They believe that every child can succeed in place in the right school environment.

School Reform Initiative:

This group focus' mainly on providing the best education to students in schools.  They also work for educational excellence and equity. 

Education Reform

Historical Development

during the late 18th century significant changes have been made on the education system.  In 1785 state universities began to develop after the Continental Congress (before ratification of the Constitution) passes a law that created "township" reserving a portion of each township for a local school.  These eventually eventually became state universities which still stand today.

Then in 1820 the first public high school opened in Boston.  It was called The English High school and it was meant to educate boys on a strong course of the English language.  The school was called a "exam school" because it required all the students applying to take an entrance exam.  During the early 70's girls were finally admitted into the school and the entrance of exam was dropped.

Horace Mann became the head of the newly founded Massachusetts board of education in 1837. Mann increased the school year to 6 months and improvements to the school curriculum.  His ideas later carried across the Nation, by the mid-1800's most states accepted three basic principles of public education: schools should be free and supported by taxes, teachers should be trained, and children are required to attend school.


Origin: Education Reform

The middle-class people realized that without a public education system, the nation would fall into the hands of poor and uneducated people and they pushed to a a tax supported free schools.  This caused an increase of education during the 1830's and thus began the movement to create a universal public school system.  This reform was focusing on educating more children in the nation so the nation won't fall into the hands of uneducated people.  The most important contributor to the education reform was Horace Mann who formed the basis of the education system, from extending the school year to enriching the curriculum.  This reform started in the early 1830's before the Civil War.  This reform addressed the needs of a education system by placing new public schools in states and allowing more children into schools to get the education they need.  



Thursday, May 14, 2015

Education Reform

Pay it Forward: How to Get Involved

You can make a difference in changing this nations education system by donating and supporting the group Students First.
This organization needs your help to help provide every child in America with a chance to get the best education for them.  They need your help to do this, you can go to local schools in your area to spread awareness about how there are some children that still don't have a education.  You can also donate to the organization to help fund them to provide every child with proper education.  Their website will have the necessary information you need to help support them.  A challenge you can do is for every school project you do in school, donate three dollars.  This way you will build up money to donate to the group.  
Visit their website for information at: